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Name: Sara
Age: 32
Origin: Japan (Home town: Tokyo and Saitama)
Living: in Canberra, Australia

 I came to Canberra with my husband in September 2003, because of his job. He works in a university. We are going to stay here till September 2006.
I've wanted to brush up my English. Luckily there are so many good English classes here. I go there from Monday to Thursday mainly based on volunteers.
 One of my favorite things is cooking. But, to tell the truth, I hadn't cooked much in Japan, because I lived with my parents and used to work so hard. Here I have so many opportunities to make sweets. One of the reasons is the custom of having morning tea, and another one is the gathering party that we bring a plate with dishes or sweets. The third reason is the difficulty to get Japanese sweets that I want, if you want to eat Japanese sweets, you have to make them. In there ways I'm trying and learning how to cook.
 I'm interested in making my homepage, "Wallabies' room".
Before I came here I got the information about Canberra form my friend who lived here 3 years ago. I was so lucky! You know, Canberra is the capital city but it's a small, so I think it's so hard to find a friend who lives or lived here. At first I had another reason that I began to make my homepage, but now I'm making it to practice writing in English and to inform you about Canberra. Later I'll write more information about moving to Canberra, so I hope it help the people to come to Canberra.
 I somewhat teach my friend (my friend's daughter) Japanese. After I came here, I recognize it again that it's important to know about our country well. I think the international people mean the people know their own cultuer, language and history well, and can tell foringners about it in English. So I begin to think I have to learn about Japan and the difference between othe coutries and Japan more. I'd like to write about the difference about cultures and lifes. 
 Anyway I'm sorry that I can't write this blog often. But I hope you enjoy them.

出身:日本(東京 と 埼玉)

by sara924 | 2004-09-24 16:00 | Profile